THE PRESTIGE “PRESTIGE” DETAIL – Ultimate Restoration and Protection

Introducing The Prestige “Prestige” Detail, our most comprehensive and advanced detailing package designed for the discerning vehicle owner who demands nothing but the best. This full detail service targets the complete restoration of your vehicle’s exterior through a meticulous two-stage machine polish, effectively eliminating almost all swirls and even the deepest scratches. Coupled with a 5-year ceramic coating, this package offers the pinnacle of protection and aesthetic enhancement for your vehicle.

In-Depth Detailing Included:

  • Full Exterior Safe Wash, Including Paint Decontamination: We start with a thorough wash to remove surface contaminants safely, followed by a detailed paint decontamination process to prepare your vehicle for restoration.
  • Removal of Tar, Tree Sap, Iron Fallout, and Road Contamination: Our experts carefully eliminate all stubborn contaminants, ensuring a clean and smooth surface ready for further treatment.
  • Clay Bar for Ultimate Smoothness: A clay bar is meticulously used to remove any remaining contaminants, achieving a perfectly smooth surface crucial for the polishing stages.
  • Vehicle Rinsed and Dried with Plush Microfibers and Compressed Air: Following the cleaning stages, your vehicle is rinsed and gently dried using high-quality microfiber towels and compressed air, ensuring no water spots are left behind.
  • Comprehensive Paintwork Assessment and Measurements: We conduct a detailed examination and measure paint thickness to tailor our polishing process, ensuring the best possible outcome without compromising the paint’s integrity.
  • Multiple Cutting Stages to Remove Defects: Through several cutting stages, we aggressively target defects to remove as many imperfections as possible, significantly improving the appearance of your paintwork.
  • Multiple Refining Stages for Clarity and Gloss: Refining stages follow the cutting process to enhance the clarity and gloss of your paintwork, resulting in a stunning, mirror-like finish.
  • 5-Year Ceramic Coating: A premium ceramic coating is applied to provide up to five years of protection against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and facilitate easier cleaning while offering an exceptional level of gloss.
  • Wheels Ceramic Coated: Your wheels are treated with a ceramic coating, protecting them from brake dust and road salts and making them easier to maintain.
  • Rain Repellent for Exterior Glass: All exterior glass surfaces are treated with a rain repellent, improving visibility in wet conditions and adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Interior Deep Clean (Including Leather and Fabric Cleaning): The interior of your vehicle undergoes a thorough deep clean, rejuvenating every surface, from leather to fabric, and ensuring a pristine cabin environment.

The Finishing Touches:

  • Tyres Dressed: Tyres are dressed to enhance their appearance and protect against the elements, adding to the vehicle’s overall visual appeal.
  • All Trims and Exterior Plastic/Rubber Dressed: Exterior trims, plastics, and rubber elements are treated to restore their look and protect them from weathering.
  • Glass Cleaned Inside and Out: All glass surfaces are meticulously cleaned for maximum clarity and shine, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.
  • Exhausts and Chrome Work Polished: Chrome details and exhaust tips are polished to a high shine, providing the perfect finishing touch to your vehicle’s transformation.

Priced at £600, The Prestige “Prestige” Detail is an investment in your vehicle’s future, offering unmatched restoration and protection that maintains its beauty and value for years to come. This service is the epitome of our commitment to automotive excellence, delivering results that exceed expectations.

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