Interior Clean – Revitalize Your Vehicle’s Inner Beauty

Our Interior Clean service is specifically designed for those who wish to refresh and rejuvenate their vehicle’s interior, bringing it back to a state of freshness and cleanliness that makes every ride enjoyable. For £80, we focus exclusively on the interior, employing a range of techniques to ensure your vehicle feels and smells wonderfully fresh.

What’s Included in the Interior Clean?

  • Shampoo and Condition the Seats: Whether fabric or leather, your seats receive a thorough shampooing to remove dirt, stains, and odors. Leather seats are then conditioned to restore softness and protect against cracks and wear.
  • Steam Cleaned: We use steam cleaning as a powerful and natural way to deep clean and sanitise your vehicle’s interior. This method effectively removes stubborn stains, kills bacteria, and reaches deep into the fabric fibres and hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a comprehensive clean.
  • All Mats Cleaned: Floor mats trap a significant amount of dirt and debris and are given special attention. We clean all mats thoroughly, whether they are carpet or rubber, to remove grime and restore their appearance.
  • Windows Cleaned: Clarity and visibility are essential for safety and aesthetics. We meticulously clean the interior side of all windows, removing fingerprints, smudges, and streaks for crystal-clear views.
  • Vacuumed: The entire interior cabin, including seats, carpets, and trunk space, is vacuumed with high attention to detail. We ensure that every corner and crevice is free from dust and debris, leaving your vehicle’s interior spotless.
  • All Interior Components Cleaned: From the dashboard to the centre console, door panels, and beyond, every surface and component of your interior is carefully cleaned. We remove dust, dirt, and ensure a uniform, clean look across all materials.
  • Scented Spray: To finalise the service and ensure your vehicle not only looks clean but also smells inviting, we apply a carefully selected scented spray. This leaves your interior with a subtle, fresh fragrance that enhances the clean environment.

For £80, our Interior Clean service is the perfect solution for those looking to restore the comfort, cleanliness, and freshness of their vehicle’s interior. Trust us to transform your vehicle’s interior into a space that feels brand new, making every journey more enjoyable.

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